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About Me

Patient and understanding Instructor

I have over 40 Years of Experience Behind The Wheel and I am:  

Module 2 - In vehicle Coach for the Safer Drivers Course


Unfortunately, due to the new vehicle restrictions being imposed I will no longer be participating in the Keys2Drive program. I still believe this to be a very worthwhile program for both Supervisors and beginner drivers

    I hold a Universal Instructors Licence certified by RMS for both Automatic and Manual vehicles. I undertook a Nationally Recognised training course. I also hold a Drivers Licence for Light Rigid Vehicles and Motorcycles.

    I have extensive knowledge in all aspects of Legislative and Regulatory Acts associated with the road rules. For 23 years I worked in Fines Enforcement as an employee of the NSW Police Service, Infringement Processing Bureau, Adjudication and Camera Detection Units and the State Debt Recovery Office in Legislation and Fines Adjudication and Compliance.

    My objective is to teach Hunter Valley Learner Drivers the safe driving skills and techniques I have learnt over the years, so they can apply them for the rest of their life and not just up until the Driving Test. These skills should give them the ability to make the correct decisions under any circumstances.


    Lastly, I am a very proud Nan of my beautiful grandchildren.


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