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    Steffie - Branxton - 25/1/2022

    I got my P’s on the first go, thanks to Sonia! She prepared me very well for the test and provided helpful and detailed feedback. Highly recommended.

    Blake - Greta - 20/01/2022

    Thanks for helping me get my P's first go and teaching me all the stuff I never would have known before. 

    Gilbert - Branxton - 12/01/2022

    There's only one way to describe it... The BEST!!!


    Charlotte - Millfield - 10/01/2022

    So happy with the training I received from Sonia. Very pleased with the way she could adapt to my learning style. Thank you very much for passing on your skills and knowledge so that I could get my P’s on the first go.

    Jessica - Thornton - 15/12/2021

    Could not recommend Sonia enough! So informative and full of knowledge when it comes to being on the road, couldn’t have done it without her! Got my p's first go!

    Lachlan - Greta - Manual - 13/12/2021

    I got my p's first time; Sonia is an awesome instructor. Highly recommend her services to anyone

    Leanne & Greg (parents) for Lachlan - Greta - 13/12/2021 - Manual

    Lachlan got his p's first time 👏🏻 Sonia is an awesome driving instructor. Highly recommended

    Angela - Branxton - 10/12/2021

    Sonia is a great driving instructor who I will always recommend to others. I wouldn’t of passed the first time without her consistent help, thanks Sonia 😁

    Connor - Nulkaba - 10/12/2021 - Manual

    Over the course of the last 12 months, Bryta Days has assisted me in my learners license up until the 10th December this year (2021). Very professional and helpful in educating learners in the road rules and how to drive a car abiding by those rules, I would recommend to all learners in the Branxton-Maitland-Cessnock region.

    Thank you so so much for your help, I couldn’t have passed without your help 🙏🙏🙏

    Emelia - Branxton - 08/11/2021

    Sonia helped me fine tune my driving in a short space of time. She has really great pointers and talks in a calm manner. Great instructor I wouldn’t of passed first time without her. Thank you Sonia.

    Lucy - Greta - 05/08/2021

    Sonia was an incredible driving instructor who I will always be appreciative of! She is highly experienced and incredibly    in-tune to the needs and anxieties of first-time drivers. I will never forget her optimism and consistently supportive approach to her lessons; she taught me to believe in my abilities and road knowledge, and helped so much with getting my P’s! I was with her for several months and could not recommend her more! ☺️

    Liam - Cedar Creek - 03/08/2021

    She gives really good pointers.

    Katie - Barnsley - 04/08/2021

    Sonia was amazing so knowledgeable and so patient, would not have gotten my P’s first go without her. Highly recommend Sonia 😊

    Caly Ayrton - Aberglasslyn - 25/07/2021

    I don't know what I would have done without this company. It's taken me three driving instructors to find the perfect one. I'm so happy with the results. Got my P's first go.

    Talia - Hunterview - 19/07/2021 - Manual

    Sonia is a great driving instructor who creates a relaxing environment that quickly calms any existing nerves. She is clear with her instructions, offers helpful strategies and always provides encouragement. Thank you so much for teaching me all there is to know about driving!

    Byron - Greta - 23/06/2021 - Manual

    Sonia is a great instructor. Thank you very much. 👍

    Maryam - Thornton -14/05/2021

    Sonia was such a great driving instructor! She gave me such valuable information which I will never forget :) I would definitely recommend her to everyone!


    Jacinta - Branxton - 13/05/2021

    Thank you so much Sonia!!! Couldn't have done it without you 😁😁​


    Charlene (Mum) for Cooper - Lambs Valley - 13/05/2021 - Manual

    Sonia was very easy to deal with. Very grateful to her for helping our son get his P’s. We have already recommended her to friends!

    Raphael - Cessnock - 29/04/2021

    Sonia was of great help to me! I love how she was really concerned about her student passing the exam. Thank you Sonia!


    Lisa - Nth Rothbury - 28/04/2021

    I passed, thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it

    Bailey - Greta - 27/03/2021 - Manual

    I would like to thank Sonia for helping me step by step each lesson to build my confidence on driving safely and helping me succeed on getting my P's 1st go :)

    Adrian (dad) for Bailey - Greta - 27/03/2021

    My son Bailey had lessons by Sonia. Highly recommended. Very professional service. Thank you Sonia. Most appreciated


    Adam - Gillieston Heights - 04/03/2021 - Manual

    Bryta days were unreal for helping me practice my manual driving before a work assessment for a new job, and definitely made a huge difference between getting the position or not. Couldn’t recommend more! Thanks so much Sonia for your patience 👍


    Kylie (mum) for Owen - Cessnock - 04/03/2021 - Manual

    Owen Passed with flying colours. All TICKS. Thank you so much for your friendly and professional approach in fine tuning Owen's driving skills. You're Terrific! Thank you Thank you!


    Mykaela - Greta - 03/02/2021

    Sonia is such a great instructor and really helped me to be confident and ready for my test. She gave me so many helpful tips. I got my P's first go with no issues. I highly recommend!

    Ethan - Sydney - 27/01/2021

    Great people, nice and helpful. Awesome experience and got my P’s first time, cheers Sonia!


    Aleasha - Branxton - 17/01/2021

    So nice and helpful , got my p’s first go, Thank you so much!

    Jessica - Branxton - 14/01/2021

    Thank you so much, passed my p's first go! So nice and funny, highly recommend!

    Poppy - Qlds - (Lesson in Singleton - Test in Qlds) - 13/01/2021

    I was successful getting my P's!! Thank you so much for your help!

    Ethan - Abermain - 11/01/2021

    Sonia is amazing. Super nice lady, helps a huge amount. Learn't everything off her just to jump in my own car and do the same stuff and passed me P's test thanks to her. Would highly recommend to anyone worrying about P's. She’s super supportive and helps a ton.

    Jacob - Greta - 30/12/2020

    Absolutely amazing driving instructor, she does so much to help u if you are looking to pass your test first go. I highly suggest Sonia


    Laiby - Greta - 18/12/2020 - International Licence

    Big thanks for Sonia, full license on first go with 5 day driving classes...especially class prior to test really helped to do my best on maneuvers.....Thanks again....

    Nathan - Greta - 10/12/2020

    ​Best driving instructor you could ever ask for, easy going and great experience, always helping correct any mistakes made, couldn’t have passed with yah, cheers Sonia 👍🏽😄

    Georgia - Raworth - 09/12/2020

    Thank you so much for everything Sonia!!!


    Destinee - Abermain - 20/11/2020

    I passed my p's test!! thank you so so much for all your help, you have been amazing with all the help, thank you so much.

    Delta - Greta - 24/11/2020

    Sonia prepared me really well for the test and was always flexible when it came to lesson times and arrangements.  Thanks Sonia!

    Kate (mum) for Caleb - Branxton - 18/11/2020 - Manual

    Thank you for all your help with Caleb's driving. We really appreciate it

    James - Rutherford - 12/11/2020 - Manual

    Big thanks to Sonia, I got my P's first go. She was great at helping me stay calm and she was always willing to be flexible when we talked about appointment dates.

    Jayne (mum) for Blake - Branxton - 12/11/2020 - Manual

    A big Thank you to Sonia! 2 lessons with my son Blake and got his P’s first go! Highly recommended!!

    Kate (Mum) for Kyle - Singleton - 11/11/2020 - Manual

    Hi Sonia , thank you so much for helping Kyle to fine tune his driving. He got his ‘P’s’ today.


    Aiden - Sedgefield - 03/11/2020 - Manual

    Got my P's with ease (manual). Sonia is awesome, very knowledgeable and friendly. She helped me become a comfortable and confident driver. Highly recommend Bryta Days Driving School ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    Jorja - Greta - 29/10/2020

    I got my P's first go and got 100%.Thank you so much Sonia for all the lessons! x


    Mico - Cessnock - 24/10/2020

    Sonia has an impeccable skill in teaching - but that is just a reflection of her genuineness to help, to guide and to support her students. As a first-time driver, I learned a lot from her and gained so much confidence in driving during our sessions (she sure knows how to make it fun too!). After only a couple of sessions with her, I got my Red P's in one go I cannot believe it! THANK YOU so much Sonia you truly are a gift!!!

    Highly recommended!!!!👌

    Britteny - Lochinvar - 12/10/2020

    Done it! Thank you for your help, definitely wouldn't have done it without you. Can't thank you enough, you are a beautiful lady. Would definitely recommend you to anybody


    Lincoln - Raworth - 01/10/2020

    Absolutely amazing, I already had all my hours and after failing once I needed to get my skills up, and after only 4 lessons with Sonia, I passed no problem, couldn't recommend any higher


    Kelly (Mum) for Oscar - Telarah - 27/09/2020 - Manual

    Highly recommend. She was patient and flexible with school and work times. Thanks so much Sonia


    Cecilia - Singleton - 18/09/2020

    I'd like to thank Sonia for being an excellent driving instructor and helping me pass first go. I highly recommend Sonia to anyone.


    Trent - East Branxton - 09/09/2020 - Manual

    Sonia is a good driving instructor. Would recommend. Got my p’s first go

    Kylie (mum) for Ethan - Glendon - 07/09/2020 - Manual

    Thanks so much to Sonia for teaching my son Ethan. You were always so accommodating to fit us in around our work rosters. Passed first go in a manual so happy. Thanks again.

    Joshua - East Maitland - 28/09/20

    I passed!!! Almost a perfect score. I believe that is your doing. 5 Stars.

    Britney - Branxton - 25/08/2020

    Sonia is a truly amazing driving instructor. Thank you so much for getting me to where I am right now, I am truly great full !! I would highly recommend Sonia's driving school to anyone, it has been a real help!!!💕

    Millie - Dalwood - 17/08/2020

    Sonia is an amazing instructor! I went from an anxious driver to a confident driver in just a few lessons! She seriously knows her stuff and is the only reason I passed my P’s test! I can’t thank her enough 🙏🏽


    Chanel - Chisholm - 17/08/2020

    Sonia made me feel comfortable & confident while driving.. she was very helpful with simple tips that helped me get my P’s first go!!! I highly recommend Sonia :)

    Kanisha - Glenridding - 16/08/2020

    I passed my test and currently have my P1's. Thank you so much for your help and guidance.​

    Kristy (mum) for Chanel - Chisholm 15/08/2020

    Huge thanks to Sonia for her patience and support teaching my daughter to drive, and get her P’s on the first attempt!!! Highly recommended!!! Sonia was always accommodating and fast to reply to any questions that we had along the way!!! Thanks once again🌸--


    Monique - Kurri Kurri - 14/08/2020

    ​I'm very happy with Sonia and her way of teaching me and getting me ready for mys P's test, which I passed 1st go at them. Thank you so very much Sonia for everything you did for me and all of your help to be the safest driver I can, you're an amazing teacher and an excellent person thanks again.

    Jimmy - Greta - 10/08/2020 - Manual

    I was introduced with a automatic vehicle, this enabled me to get a grasp of driving a motor vehicle and a sense of the road. Sonia's advice helped me development this knowledge. Sonia also gave a complimentary pack with tips that she created, this was very helpful and I used it throughout my learners. Later on I progressed to a Manual, carrying the knowledge of what I learned with the automatic and now applying this to the gears. I undertook 10 sessions to get my hours up in the log book. Now I was ready for my test, which I passed with one mark wrong. Thanks mate 👍👍👍


    Jackson - Hunterview - 04/08/2020 - Manual

    Thank you so much for all your help. Got them on the first go.

    Keegan - Telarah - 31/07/2020

    I highly recommend Sonia, she's nice, genuine and easy to talk to. She’s been very helpful and with her excellent teaching, it has allowed me to pass my driving test first go.


    Jordan - Rutherford - 23/07/2020

    Sonia helped me become a safe driver and helped me progress so much in my life, thank you so much..                             I am now a P plater thanks to you!

    Jayden - Hunterview - 14/07/2020 - Manual

    Brilliant. Showed me everything I needed to know. Thank you.

    Michelle (mum) for Kristy - Singleton - 25/06/2020

    Can highly recommend Sonia. What a gem!!! She assisted my daughter to get her P's. As we don't live locally, Sonia was more then happy to help us out to meet at a location near her. Thank you so much Sonia.


    Ben - Cessnock - 23/02/2020

    Sonia is the best!!! I had my learners for over 10 years as I had no one to be my instructor. After all that time I had enough and reached out for help. 3 driving lessons later and I got my p’s first go. I have anxiety so she really helped I couldn’t have done it without her.

    Ethan - East Branxton - 29/01/2020

    Sonia helped me and showed me all the basics to get my license, as well as preparing me for every scenario in the driving test. Thanks so much for your help, couldn't have done it without you.


    Cullen - Singleton 12/01/2020

    Sonia really helped me become comfortable at driving before I took my driving test. She helped me every step of the way in getting up my hours, in advice for the Hazard Perception Test, in the Driving Test, and for being a safer driver in general. 5 stars for sure, have recommended to many.

    Tye - Rutherford 18/10/19 - Manual

    Sonia is a great driving instructor. She explained things clearly and gave helpful feedback, and ensured that I was ready and confident for my test. I highly recommend her.

    Bradley - Kurri Kurri - 11/10/19

    Thanks Sonia. I was confident in getting my P's but you made me so much more confident with teaching me the little things! Thank you.


    Mikayla - Rutherford - 14/10/19

    I passed! Thanks to Sonia I was able to overcome my fear of driving. I was able to learn how to confidently and comfortably drive properly. Her way of teaching is very helpful and easy to understand so I would recommend her to anyone. She is such a lovely woman and I'm so happy I was able to have her as my instructor! Thank you so much!


    Cory - Greta -  30/09/19

    Thankyou Sonia for teaching me everything I needed to pass my test, wouldn't have done it without you. definitely would recommend to anyone.

    Margaret (mum) - East Branxton - 19/09/19 - Manual

    I’d just like to thank you for your help with Reece in gaining his license, he was one very excited young man yesterday. Thank you for helping him with his confidence and all the little tips along the way that will keep him safe on the road.

    I won’t hesitate to recommend you to our family friends for great all round learner driving experience.

    Kaysie - East Branxton - 16/09/19

    Sonia you helped me gain confidence and made me feel comfortable driving, Thankyou!


    Kerrie -  Singleton - 15/09/19 - Manual

    Highly recommend Sonia. She is friendly, professional and very accommodating to personal requirements and busy



    Chelsea - North Rothbury - 06/09/19

    Taught me so much. Wouldn’t of been able to pass my p’s without her


    Courtney - Aberdare - 16/08/19

    I got my ps!! My experience with Sonia was amazing she made me feel comfortable and confident whilst driving with her. I don't think I would've passed without the driving lessons with Sonia... She showed me excellent driving skills... she helped me over come my fear of driving, she is very patient and very clear with her instructions. I will be recommending Sonia to everyone I know... Thank you so very much Sonia


    Ashleigh - East Branxton 16/08/19

    Thanks to Sonia I was confident and knew what to do in my P's test today. Couldn’t of done it without her! Taking a driving lesson just before my test helped tremendously. Thanks Sonia


    Yichen - Cessnock 08/08/19

    I passed! Thank you so much!


    Gaylene (mum) - Whittingham 06/08/2019

    Tom got his P Plates... he is so excited! Thanks for your help


    Liam - Dalwood - 22/07/2019

    Sonia, is a great instructor and results prove it. 100% would recommend


    Emily - Cessnock - 02/07/2019

    I had the best experience with Sonia! Definitely recommend going through Bryta Days! I wouldn’t have my P's without her! Thank you Sonia! Xoxo


    Hayley - Rutherford - 20/06/2019

    I got my P’s! This is a fantastic service! Sonia is a lovely lady who provided me excellent skills and knowledge that I needed to be able to pass my test as well as how to drive safely and confidently beyond my getting my P’s. She gives clear, easy to understand instructions and has taught me so much. I would most definitely recommend her, she is far better then other driving instructors. Thank you so much Sonia for all you help and guidance!

    Timothy - Greta - 09/05/2019

    This was very helpful in knowing what I needed to know inside of the car as well as outside of the car. Sonia helped point out what I need to do more of to get my P's. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needed more knowledge about what is required in the P's test. Thank you Sonia.


    Alicia - North Rothbury - 18/04/2019

    This helpful and structured service allowed me to pass my P's Test. Sonia is a wonderful lady whose guidance made my driving lessons something I looked forward to. Not only did Sonia set me up to pass my P's , but she also provided me with the skills to drive safely beyond the test. Thank you! I highly recommend this driving school to other learners.

    Jenjira (Joy) - North Rothbury - 14/04/2019

    Sonia is very supportive instructor and explained things clearly. She gave me the confidence to feel comfortable on the roads. I’m extremely grateful for her guidance, knowledge and patience. Thank you very much Sonia.


    Emma - Woodville 22/03/2019

    Sonia is a patient instructor. Before having my lessons I was quite anxious about driving but after my lessons Sonia helped me overcome my fear. Her techniques and tips are very helpful and she makes sure that you continue to practice them to ensure you are driving safely. I would 100% recommend her to anyone of any driving ability. Thank you so much for helping me become a more confident driver. 10/10 would recommend. :))


    Kimberley - Kurri Kurri 11/03/2019

    I received two lessons before my test in my own vehicle, which I believe helped me a lot. Sonia was very calm and patient whilst also being more informative than any other driving teacher I've had. She made me more confident in my driving whilst also picking up on some bad habits I'd gotten into and making sure I was doing everything possible to pass my test. Very recommendable and fair pricing.

    Mitch - Aberglasslyn 01/03/2019

    Going out driving for me has always been a sort of anxiety-related experience. But after I started driving with Sonia, I felt more comfortable behind the wheel. She is easy to get along with and very thorough in her way of teaching. I would recommend Sonia as a driving instructor as she really knows what she's talking about and will not put you in situations  you are not comfortable with. 10/10!

    Luke - East Branxton 24/02/2019

    Sonia is a great driving instructor. She explained things clearly and gave helpful feedback. She also ensured that I was confident in everything she taught me. I highly recommended her, 10/10!

    Fletcher - Branxton 21/01/2019

    Driving with Sonia has been a great learning experience. She is a great communicator, a very patient teacher, and will give valuable & practical feedback every lesson we have. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey to becoming a confident driver!


    Shade - Greta 13/12/2018

    100% recommend Sonia for an driving instructor, she’s very easy to talk to and makes you feel very welcome during lessons! Made the journey towards my P plates enjoyable and definitely easier with her straight forward instructing. Does her best to help what ever your situation may be, I honestly feel that without what she had taught me, I wouldn’t have been able to pass my driving test. Thank you so much for your help Sonia! :) 5 stars most definitely


    Leonie (mum) - East Branxton 03/10/2018

    My daughter Hayley has just finished 5 lessons with Sonia and we are so very impressed! This lady really knows her stuff and is absolutely great with the kids. Cool, calm and collected. Sonia made Hayley feel at ease and at the same time was very thorough and widespread with the areas she let Hayley drive to. They covered everything! After 2 lessons with Sonia I was confident enough to go on a second drive with Hayley (the first one we tried prior to Bryta Days was very hair-raising) and the difference in Hayley's driving confidence was simply REMARKABLE! Sonia was very accommodating when we needed to change a few lesson times around. It was never a problem for her and her rates are amazing. She also offers a free theory lesson (Keys2Drive). Thanks Sonia....definitely a 5 star rating from us :)


    Jahanzeb - Hunterview 01/10/2018

    I had an overseas driving licence and needed to qualify for the NSW licence. Sonia guided me in a very professional manner. Her techniques were just amazing. I finally learned how to reverse parallel park in 3 manoeuvres with her :) I passed my driving test in the first attempt after taking classes from her. I would definitely recommend Sonia to anyone who's looking for a driving instructor. Thank you!

    Lorna - Rutherford 17/09/2018

    Sonia is a driving instructor of a finest degree! She demonstrated real interest in my progress to become a good driver.

    She is a really nice and experienced teacher. I highly recommend Bryta Days Driving School.


    Kristina - Metford 24/07/2018

    I honestly can say that Sonia is the most comfortable and nicest person to drive with, she’s understanding and loves to teach you new things, like the “Banana” it’s a great way to do three point turns and stuff and it’s now stuck in my head so there’s no way I can forget it! I got my P’s first go because of Sonia, thank you so much, I now have freedom and can now drive with confidence!


    Irish - Branxton 11/07/2018

    Amazing lady! that helped me to be more confident on the roads. Sonia is a great instructor with parking and road management, I am forever grateful of the knowledge and the advice that she has given me, from her personality it’s very warming, safe and comfortable in the car with Sonia. I totally recommend Sonia for a driving instructor. As a learner driver I’m very pleased with the results that I have learnt from Sonia. Thank you! Sonia for everything and most of all giving me support.


    Tenielle - Pelaw Main 02/02/2018

    This lady is amazing!!! I had a lot of trouble with anxiety before getting into the car to get my license but Sonia helped me so much to overcome self doubt and to get everything right, I couldn’t recommend anyone else after having such an amazing experience. Thankyou so much for everything!


    Senura - Ashtonfield 31/01/2018

    Thank you for your driving lesson and advice. The advice came in very handy to pass the Test

    Shifaan - Rutherford 07/10/2017

    Incredibly helpful with amazing advice that really sticks to your head. The words "banana checks" were phenomenally helpful as they not only stuck with me but also made sense. Could not have passed my P test without help from Sonia. 10/10.


    Kristen - Beresfield 03/10/2017

    As someone who suffers from an unpredictable chronic disease I was convinced that I would not find an instructor who would take the time to understand my limitations and work with me and around me in the way that Sonia does. She is a lovely person who makes you feel at ease the moment you hop in the car. I started lessons out of necessity but now I look forward to each lesson, And it's entirely due to Sonia and her helpful and caring attitude and exceptional, clear instructions and demonstrations. Honestly could not recommend enough. 5 stars!

    Andrew - Aberglasslyn 25/09/2017

    Very helpful in learning to drive along with giving very useful tips when driving. Helped a lot with reverse parallel parking and management of awareness. I highly recommend Bryta Days Driving School over any other driving school

    Imagen - Ashtonfield 25/09/2017

    Sonia is a very capable and patient instructor. I was able to easily follow her directions and instructions, I felt safe and calm driving, and she is very accommodating. Highly recommended.

    Cameron - Bolwarra Heights 20/09/17

    A very kind instructor with simple and clear instructions.  


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